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Walk Behind Brush Cutter Basics & Options

Walk behind brush cutter basics will explain the difference between a brush cutter and a brush mower. You will be able to find many brush cutters and brush mowers on sale and at reasonable prices from the many suppliers here that provide all types of land clearing equipment and tools.

With a wide variety of manufacturers, dealers and name brands all here you can get all the information, a chance to peak at the owner's manual preview before buying, videos of the brush cutter in action and compare prices for the best price for the tools and equipment you want in one place.  Saves you time and money.  Bookmark this site for future reference.

Brush cutter and brush mower are used interchangeably but there are differences depending on the type of job you are going to do. If you are trying to reclaim land that is now a forest you will need a heavy duty brush cutter something like the Brush Blazer Brush Cutter by Peco.

This walk behind brush cutter Brush Blazer is the ultimate and will help you clear 5 acres or more of land thick with undergrowth and trees up to 4 inches thick in one day. This is not your everyday ordinary land clearing equipment. It has tracks that can climb the steepest terrain, a winch to drag anything in your path and is used by the military.

Medium use brush cutter would be used for taming the overgrown property without breaking your back. These brush cutters will clear a through the tichkest underbursh, grass and weeds growing wild over 8 feet tall, saplings 2 inches thick and other out of control vegetation.

The Outback by Billy Goat or something from Dr. Field and Brush Mower are good examples of a medium walk behind brush cutter, walk behind brush mower.  There are others and also each comes in different models depending on things like engine size, different types of drives and other features.  You can watch videos of the brush cutter in action and get a glimpse at the owner's manual. 

A light use brush cutter also called a brush mower can be used in your fields and pastures to cut tall grass and thick weeds requiring more power than a regular lawn mower which would clog and stall.  The brush mowers are also good for areas that a tractor can not go like wet boggy areas and ponds.  The brush mower easily reclaims and maintains your overgrown land.

Then there is the handheld brush cutter or also called a string trimmer.  The handheld brush cutter or sting trimmer is good for trimming edges and finishing up where the big mowers can not get to. For the little heavier job put on a metal blade and it becomes a brush cutter.  Landscapers and homeowners just doing maintenance touch ups around the yard uses this type of equipment a lot.

A walk behind brush cutter or walk behind brush mower is good for all kind of conditions and areas depending on you situation.  Take a look at the different kinds of equipment and prices before settling on a machine to buy.  Watch the videos and look at the owner's manual.  You may even consider renting one for the one time job or for a test drive before buying.